Contactless Online Ordering. Contactless Dining Ordering.

Contactless online ordering has helped the food industry survive in COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless online ordering enables your guests to place an order and make a payment from anywhere. No lines ups. No Contact.

Many restaurants are already doubling their revenue with a Contactless Online ordering System and Dining Ordering System.

But have you changed your restaurant with the help of technology to make your customers feel safe?

Let me tell you how you can do that.

Your guests want a very safe way to order and pay at your restaurant. So, here are 3 things you can do to provide a contactless dining experience in your restaurant.

  1. Contactless Menu
  2. Contactless Ordering System
  3. Contactless Payments

All of these steps can be done from your guest’s smartphone with just one QR Code at each table.

Let your guest order from their device with a contactless dining ordering system.

Remove all unnecessary interactions from your restaurants with TaliupExpress’s complete contactless solution for your restaurant.

Contactless Online Ordering System

Let your customers order and pay from any device directly from your restaurant website. No need for line ups at your restaurant. Customers can order online from your website or scan the QR Code at the door and order online. They can also set their pick up times.

For restaurants, no more order errors, save time, save staffing costs because no need for employees to take payments, no cash handling, and most importantly contactless online ordering solution.

Contactless Online Ordering

Table Ordering (Dine-in Ordering System)

No more disinfecting paper menus and payment terminals. Dining Ordering solution allows your customers to browse the menu, place an order, edit their orders, and make payments from their device with QR Code on their table.

How contactless dining ordering system works?

  1. Scan QR Code
  2. Place an order 
  3. Make a payment 

Everything from their device.

Contactless Dining Ordering System For Restaurants

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is one of the most popular ordering solutions. Customers can order online and set pick-up time or order outside the restaurant. Customers open their trunk when an employee is ready to drop the order. Most restaurants confirm their orders with their car number plates. Contactless experience for both restaurants and customers.

Online Restaurant Directory

The online restaurant directory gives more traffic to your online ordering site which results in more commission-free orders. TaliupExpress is one of the online restaurant directories which helps find a restaurant and lets your customers order online. All orders are hit directly in your kitchen screen.

Contactless Payment Solution for Restaurants

A contactless payment solution is the most preferred post COVID. It lets your customers pay from the table if they are dining in, online orders, or takeout orders.

Taliupexpress is the perfect contactless mobile payment solution for restaurants and it is very easy to set up and all your day’s transactions are deposited into your business account the next day. You just need to focus on your online orders and sales. We will take care of all your payment solution.

Let’s schedule a quick demo for your complete contactless ordering and payment solution for your restaurant business.

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