It is always worthwhile to keep things fresh and exciting at your restaurant. In some cases, that would involve sprucing up the décor. In other cases, it’s not the look of the establishment that matters. It’s the food! Let’s be honest. No consumer enjoys visiting a restaurant that serves bad food. However, that doesn’t mean that some people won’t get bored of the same food you have been offering for years.

Is it time to spruce up your menu? What steps can you take to come up with new restaurant menu ideas?

Spice up traditional favourites.

Sometimes, it’s best to not get too fancy. After all, you don’t want to create a complete overhaul of the menu that has brought you success in the past. Perhaps all you need is a little spicing up of the menu items that tend to be the most popular. Pizza, for example, is a go-to favourite for many hungry patrons. Why not introduce some new topping combinations? Believe it or not, the salt-meets-sweet pairing of pineapples and green olives can be an unexpected hit!

“While you want your restaurant menu to be exciting and trendy, you need to keep perennial favourites as well,” insists Lorri Mealey on, “Think of a burger and fries as the little black dress of your menu. It can be dressed up, perhaps a California burger with guacamole and pepper jack cheese – or served plain. Either way, it has staying power with most menus.”

Pick your staff members’ brains.

No one knows your restaurant’s customers better than your wait staff. Get the information you need directly from the proverbial horses’ mouths. What are your customers saying about the dishes you currently prepare? What are their favourites and least favourites? Which dishes do your staff members like most? Consider the answers to these questions and develop new items based on the trends you discover.

Look to food trucks for inspiration.

Food trucks are fun, aren’t they? They tend to have very unique offerings that you can’t generally get at traditional restaurants. Why not adopt some of the ideas that food truck operators have made successes out of? Uniquely-made menu items like grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, tacos, lobster rolls and barbeque pork sandwiches are all the rage. These delicious treats are what many food trucks are known for. Make your restaurant known for its uniqueness too!

Watch cooking shows and videos.

Head over to the Food Network, YouTube or any other media outlet that can help you learn of new and exciting recipes. Cooking shows continue to be popular with viewers of all ages. You might just come across an incredible dish you never would have thought about before. This is an especially important undertaking for your head chef. Who better to come up with new sumptuous offerings at your restaurant than that one who prepares them?

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