In today’s quasi-post-pandemic world, the dining experience has gone digital. This isn’t to say, of course, that people don’t enjoy eating meals at restaurants. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With restrictions having been lifted, hungry consumers are looking to dine out at significantly increased rates. The ways in which they order their meals, however, has drastically changed.

Safety is no longer the primary reason for customers to order food online. The quickness, ease and convenience of utilizing an online food ordering system for restaurants has made it a practical must-have for everyone in the eatery business. An online ordering system can be used to process sales either in the restaurant or from an offsite location that is convenient to customers.

What exactly is a restaurant app ordering system?   

A restaurant online ordering app functions as both a point-of-sale software and an online menu. It enables both customers and servers to view a restaurant’s entire menu on a mobile device. Customers can place orders directly on their devices, significantly reducing the manual labour required by wait staff.

All orders placed via the food ordering system can also be paid for using the same device. Serving as POS software, it processes transactions and generates receipts. The software also offers such conveniences as bill splitting to make life easier for customers.

Taliup’s Smart Dine-in Ordering System provides a contactless order and pay menu. It enables restaurant guests to easily scan QR codes that are placed on each table. That way, they can navigate the menu from their mobile phones. The system allows guests and waitstaff to place orders directly from the digital menu allowing both entities to view order updates throughout the meal. No app download required. Finally, they can make secure contactless payments after reviewing their bills.

What are the benefits of a restaurant online ordering system?                       

It reduces wait time. No longer do customers have to wait for handheld menus, or waitstaff, to make their meal selections. With an online menu ordering system, customers are in full control of accessing and ordering from the food and drink menus.

It generates accurate business reports. With restaurant online ordering software, detailed records of sales are digitally captured and safely stored. It gives restaurant owners significantly quicker access to customer data and sales figures than traditional cash registers.

It offers real-time menu changes. No longer do you have to reprint paper-based handheld menus when there are changes to your menu items. Once your restaurant adds or removes an offering, its menu can be updated immediately. Adjustments can be made easily and you can make them go live on your site without interrupting the customer experience.

It can leverage customer buying data. By keeping abreast of the menu items that are regularly ordered by your customers, you can stay informed on consumer spending trends in your establishment. Having access to this data presents an opportunity to develop strategic menu items for your customer base who are most likely to be interested in them.

It consolidates orders. Having orders consolidated on one single screen improves productivity. It also makes the process of receiving and preparing orders super easy on your kitchen staff!

It eliminates errors. The era of handwritten orders is all but over. By having customers and servers alike placing orders via the menu ordering system, it’s nearly impossible to get an order wrong. The elimination of confusion for chefs, bartenders and waiters helps to grow employee satisfaction. Meanwhile, the prevention of receiving the wrong items makes customers very happy.

How can you make sure to implement the app ordering system successfully?                   

Address your team’s pain points. It’s vital that every member of your team is on board with the new process by which your restaurant serves its customers. Remember that you have the ability to set up your new online menu in the way you see fit. In many cases, creating the perfect online ordering experience comes by way of addressing the pain points of your staff.

Have your kitchen staff members ever complained about a lack of communication from your servers? Setting up your new restaurant ordering system will help to improve the delivery of information from one staff member to another.

Ensure your system has vital features. They include sales reporting and analytics. This offers new and greater transparency into your business data. Your food ordering system should also offer secure checkout tools. They improve accuracy at checkout.

Train your team. It’s important, of course, to ensure that your staff members are all well-versed in how your newfound online ordering system works. It can be a big change for many in the business. Many servers were trained during a time when handheld menus and handwritten orders were the norm. Today’s mobile devices have made the entire meal ordering process easier. But this is only true for those who have been trained to follow the new practices and guidelines surrounding the digital ordering experience.

“Train your staff in all of the kitchen communication features your POS has to offer, including order status monitoring, order update notices, and ‘hold and fire’ features that make it easier to pace your patrons’ meals,” advises NextRestaurants.

With a well-trained staff, your restaurant will begin to increase the speed by which it turns over tables. Because there is no wait time for cheques or delays in getting orders, you will be able to seat more customers on any given day. Your customers don’t just get immediate access to your menu. The online food ordering platform makes it very easy to pay and tip staff.

Promote upselling. Utilize your restaurant online ordering app as the innovative marketing device that it is. You can design your online menu to showcase sides and add-on items. By making them easily accessible to customers through your digital menu, you will sell more, earn more and achieve more!

Reach the next generation of consumers with contactless ordering and payments. Learn all about Taliup’s contactless payment and ordering system by contacting us today!

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