Mobile Payment Solutions

Taliup’s Mobile Pay Plus offers you an ability to accept the payments or transactions anywhere you go. With the help of your smartphone or tablet, our mobile payment solution or Mobile Pay Plus app allows you to process the credit and shopping cards anytime. It provides fast, safe and flexible transaction processing using iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Pay Plus With Built-In Security

After you are done with the downloading of the app, connect the chip and the PIN enabled pin pad via the bluetooth to your smartphone. Your customers can either tap or insert their credit or debit card and enter their secret PIN code without any risk of data discrepancy. This app allows accepting the payments from wherever there is a wireless or internet coverage. All the transactions and payments are processed in the real time with an e-receipt that is generated and sent to the customer via e-mail.

With the built-in security features, the card data of customers is set safe in an encrypted form. No matter the chip and PIN was swiped or entered manually, encrypted data remains secured before it vanishes from the pin pad. This protects you and your customers from the security threat.

A Glance At The Key Features Of Mobile Pay Plus

  • Accepts all major credit and debit payments in real time.
  • Reduces the processing fees with pay lower card rates.
  • Less expensive than a traditional wireless POS terminal.
  • Protects your money and chip & PIN transactions.
  • E-receipt sent to customer’s e-mail at the time of the transaction.
  • Provides 24/7 customer and technical support service.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Flexible Debit & Credit Terminal!

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