Get Your Own Online Ordering System

A comprehensive online ordering system customized to fit your restaurant. Allow customers to order and pay from their device simply by scanning a QR code. Improve your operations and sales with our state-of-the-art restaurant online ordering system.
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Why Choose Us For Your Restaurant?

We provide a complete ordering system specially designed for your restaurant. Allow customers to order and pay from their mobile device simply by scanning a QR code. Our clients increase their sales and productivity with their Taliup online ordering system.

We don’t charge any commission at all on your online orders. No jacking up prices to keep your margins in tact. You keep all the money earned through our online ordering system.

Your customers may be able to order off third parties but why not let them order off your own site and app. We’ll build you a fully functional website and app with your branding so customers know who the real stars are behind their meals.

Cash earned on our platform is deposited into your account the very next day! No 3-4 day wait times, next day deposits with our restaurant ordering system!

We’re a family-owned Canadian Business. All we want is to help our Canadian restaurant partners and keep our restaurants’ hard-earned money in our economy! We don’t just eat local, we support local.

Upon acceptance of the order, the kitchen staff will update the order with a status like “preparing” as well as providing an ETA for completion of the order.

Understand your guests and execute targeted marketing campaigns. Increase sales with our up-selling features.

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  • Your own App + Website with your own branding
  • 0% Commission Online Ordering Platform
  • Next-Day Direct Deposits
  • Complete Control over your Customer’s online ordering experience
  • Dedicated Support/Onboarding Member
  • Free Marketing Resources
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Full Transparency into your Customer Base

Our Customers Are Super Happy with Our Products

“We cannot be more impressed with TaliupExpress Restaurant Ordering System. With 5 locations, our online ordering system was easy-to-use. Customers love it and our social media is booming with more orders than ever before.”

Joseph H. Dr. Laffa Restaurant

“We hit a home run with TaliupExpress! Their team set-up our customized online ordering system with an App. I highly recommend Taliup to Restaurant Owners. They also provide us Marketing Plan to promote our website”

Jeremy W. Owner of Tiffany’s Steakhouse & Lounge

“I highly recommend TaliupExpress to any restaurant! I didn’t even have a website with no clue where to start and I didn’t want to give away 20-30% of my sales on 3rd party apps. TaliupExpress was so affordable with zero-commission along with unlimited ordering.

Dave G. Wolfie’s Deli

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