Pay At The Table

Pay at the table is a category of point-of-sale terminals that are an ideal choice for situations where you have to bring the point of payment to the customer. These wireless terminals are mostly suited for the restaurants or retail operations who need to make on the go transactions. With pay at the table, you can make sure that your customer’s payment card data is kept protected.

Pay At Table

VX 680 WiFi or Bluetooth POS Terminal

The portable and handheld VX 680 payment terminal is designed to provide merchants with a stylish yet innovative touch-screen interface which supports speedy payments. This allows restaurant owners to move beyond their limits of checkout counters and accept payments from customers while sitting at their tables using WiFi or internet networks. At Taliup, we offer high quality VX 680 POS and pay at the table terminal for sale in Toronto at reasonable prices.

VX 680 WiFi POS Terminal is specifically tailored to meet the needs of merchants on the move. This fully equipped portable payment device is power packed with performance oriented features. Most possibly, the stadium vendors and restaurant owners will benefit from this payment solution offering fast processing speed and security of the VX platform.

Ease Of Use

The pay at the table wireless terminal increases the productivity of servers and prevents the risk of data breaches. Since every transaction is encrypted and secured, the credit card numbers don’t remain stored for longer. A touch screen with intuitive buttons allows the customers to interact directly with the VX 680 WiFi POS without handing over their credit cards. In addition, the color screen displays engaging graphics or promotional messages to enhance the customer engagement.

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