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How to Create a Contactless QR Code Menu for Your Restaurant

QR Menu

Hey Restaurant Owners, we have a safe solution for your guests and staff in a post-COVID-19 world.

A contactless in-restaurant ordering system gives your guests the ability to view the restaurant’s menu, place an order, and make a payment everything from their phone. Your custom QR Code Menu will be placed at each table with a unique table number. No app is required for ordering.

QR Code Menu & Ordering System Advantages

1. Safe, Contactless, Seamless Experience

Keep your customers safe by integrating a QR Code ordering system which will limit the cross-contamination from sharing paper menus. The contactless process helps keep everyone safe and a great dining experience.

2. Manage your Orders and Menu

With QR Menu and digital ordering, you can manage your menu and order from any device with our easy-to-use admin panel. You can also manage & change branding, menu items, specials, run a promotion, offer special discounts, pricing changes, store timing, and much more. Restaurant staff can easily edit the menu online and it will automatically reflect in all QR ordering systems.

3. Save Staffing Cost. Increased Revenue.

Table ordering will process from the guest’s phones which will save money on printing, staff, design services, & third-party commissions. Table ordering and QR Menu creates a safe environment in your restaurant and keeps everyone safe. Happy customers and safe experience meaning more retaining customers.

4. Know Your Customers

QR menu and digital ordering fetch your guest’s ordering behavior. For example, you can now see the most popular items, highly ordered items for particular days, or most rated items, meaning you can make those items stand out in your menu or label those items with special tags. QR menu and contactless digital ordering will help restaurant managers to manage their inventory as per the customer’s ordering behavior.

5. Faster Table Turnover

There is no need for paper menus or change the menu at the table, meaning faster sanitizing of the table and a safer environment for diners and staff.

6. Secure Payment Solution

Digital ordering and QR-menu allows your customers to pay from their table. The contactless payment solution is the safest and most secure payment solution post COVID.

How does QR Menu & Contactless Ordering Works?

With TaliupExpress contactless dining ordering system, customers can place an order and make a payment directly from their table. No server needed to take orders or payment.

  1. Customers can scan the QR Code at the table using their phone and view the menu. They can browse the menu and take their time to order.
  2. Once the customer orders, it will directly hit the kitchen screen with all their order information and pay for their order with an easy-to-use checkout process.
  3. Customers can add tips, verify their ordered items, sign-up for your active campaign, or give your restaurant a review or note.

TaliupExpress, a complete QR Code Menu and Contactless dine-in ordering system for restaurant provide a safe environment for your guests and staff.

We also offer personalized android and iOS apps with all advanced food ordering features. Our apps will allow your customers to order take-out, dining, and pick-up directly from your own restaurant application.

How to Promote your QR Code?

Once your QR Code is set up with, you are now ready to offer your guest see the menu, order, & pay from their table.

You can now place your unique QR Code at all tables, around your restaurant, and run a campaign on social media to let your customers know that you are now offering QR Code Ordering at your restaurant.

To get more take-out orders, we recommend that you place your QR-code at the door or store front where your guests can order their take-out easily. Run a social media campaign with your QR Code in your post to let your audiences know that you are taking all safety and precautionary measures at your restaurant to keep everyone safe.

QR Code is also a very easy way to promote your menu and recipes you offer at your restaurant. Try promoting your QR Code on Social Media, Email Campaign, and In-store to promote your great recipes with your audiences.

Run three different QR-menu campaigns on social media for QR-code Menu Promotion, QR-code Menu and Ordering System, for Take-out Orders Promotion with QR-code.

Online Ordering System For Restaurants

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