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4 Must Needed Restaurant Technology and Hardware in 2020

If you want your restaurant to be successful, you will need to stay up to date with the technology available in the industry. Here are the four most important and trending technologies for restaurants and cafes.

Restaurant Technology and Hardware


Wireless & Mobile Point of Sale(POS) systems for restaurants.

Smart point of sale(POS) technology, like wireless poynt smart terminals, has increased the efficiency of restaurants significantly. All the orders from the front of the restaurant hit directly into the kitchen staff as well as show data of ordering behavior to get a better understanding of the diner’s buying behavior.

Most restaurant terminals are easy-to-use for staff and smart to help managers run the restaurant efficiently. Touch screens smart POS is not just for ordering.

Today, best-in-class POS terminals can accept credit cards and support EBT, Mag Strip, Near Field Communication(NFC), Magnetic Stripe Card(MSR). 


Order and Pay at the Table

You know that no country is left out when it comes to COVID-19 and everyone knows the restaurant industry has hit hard in this crisis. So, it is necessary to use contactless solutions to keep the business alive and everyone safe.

40% of guests prefer to order and pay directly from the table and a contactless dine-in ordering solution fits well in this situation. Order and Pay at the Table is the complete contactless solution that helps keep the diners safe and reduce the staffing cost for restaurant owners. 

Order and pay at the table technology allow diners to browse the menu, order from the menu and pay, everything from just a single mobile scan. Secondly, it helps turn tables faster and means more money in the business owner’s pocket.

Met TaliupExpress Order and Pay at Table Technology where you can allow your customers to order and pay at the table.

Learn how Dine-in Ordering Technology can help your restaurant.


Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are one of the most used and safest payment options in 2020 and becoming more and more popular. Contactless payment allows you to pay through your mobile device. Mobile payment options are necessary for all kinds of businesses. It helps keep everyone safe and secure by allowing your customers to just tab and go.

Safe, hygienic, and socially distant transactions are preferable in 2020 and the future. There is a lot of data security with contactless payments, thanks to NFC technology for that.

There are mainly two types of contactless payment technology.

Contactless cards: Credit and Debit cards that have NFC chips embedded in the card to allow transmission of payment data.

Mobile wallets: Apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay allow customers to store information about credit cards on their NFC-enabled phones.


Guest Management System

Guest management system, this is a front of house solution that manages reservations, wait for lists, and provides reports and analytics about their customers to help restaurant owners or managers make important restaurant decisions. Restaurant managers also use this data for marketing, inventory decisions, staffing decisions, waste management, and forecasting. These are the features of most Guest management systems that help restaurants grow with the help of technology.

Very Effective and Smart Solution for Restaurants.

Centralization- Manage all your needs for multiple software and manage all your inventory, orders, and reservation in one place.

Poynt Smart Terminals is the only terminal that fulfills all your needs in one place.

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