Project Description

Taliup Fundraising Platform

A New Way To Accept Donations

Taliup's Platform provides fundraising and donation solutions for charities and organizations looking for new ways to increase donations while increasing their donor base. By providing stand-alone kiosks, personalized mobile applications, and web-based solutions Taliup offers innovative solutions for accepting digital donations and payment solutions.

Create Campaigns For Fundraiser
Peer-2-Peer Fundrasing
Matching Campaigns
Raffle Systems
Selling Raffle Tickets
Draw System
Event Tickets
Automated Tax Receipts
Donor Management System

Kiosk Management Software

Our online kiosk management platform works seamlessly with your standalone kiosk units to manage them remotely and maintain accurate reports.

Keep Up-To-date With Your Donations

Dashboard reporting and graphs to show activity on your kiosk.

Track and manage donations & customer data.

Export data into CSV and other file formats.

Donation button embed code generator for your website.

Automatic tax receipts for donations.

& Events

Make it easy for your guests to give and support your casues

22" visual display with customized style and theme.

Upload logos and campaign images.

Sell draw or admission tickets with a ticket management system.

Sends e-tickets directly to the user via email or text message.

Allows for check-in and scanning of tickets at the door.

Digital draw tickets, randomize and select a winner page.