The Effects Of Contactless Payment On Hospitality

Back in April of 2020, both Visa and Mastercard announced the raising of their respective tap limits from $100 to $250. It was just a month into the coronavirus pandemic and the world over was feverishly coming up with ways

How To Increase Room Service Revenue

“Let’s order room service!” These words are very often exclaimed by many a traveller who anticipates the comfy atmosphere provided by prestigious hotel chains. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? On most occasions, people who book hotel rooms look forward

3 Benefits of SEO For Small Businesses

Question: Why does Taliup Express post blogs to its website with such regularity? Answer: There are actually many reasons. The first is that we are excited about our commission-free online ordering platform and want to share information about it with

Why Business Owners Should Consider Taliup Express

Are you ready to try something new? With Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering platform, you are in full control of your online orders. Our paytech solution will enable your customers to order directly from your restaurant and avoid the middle

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