We are no longer living in a world where all restaurant orders are communicated verbally by customers and handwritten by waiters. Modern technology has afforded us the ability to make the ordering of our meals a much easier and seamless process. With an online ordering system, your restaurant removes the hassle often associated with meal orders. How so?    

Firstly, customers are given the ability to scan a QR code that sends them directly to your restaurant’s online menu. It enables them to easily sift through various menu options to make their selections. This ensures that they receive exactly what they ordered without any miscommunications. Secondly, customers are able to pay for their meals using the same technology for a seamless dining experience.

There are many benefits for customers when they are given the opportunity to utilize a restaurant’s online order management system. But what are the advantages gained by your restaurant for offering this incredible convenience?              

It enables live order changes and tracking.

Traditional order-taking in restaurants often entails waitstaff writing down the orders of customers and punching it into a sales software that feeds a chit to the kitchen staff. Between miscommunications and incorrect order submissions, it left many opportunities for meal orders to be prepared incorrectly. With modernized order management solutions, a restaurant can practically guarantee that no order is communicated incorrectly.

Furthermore, the order management software makes it easy for orders to be updated. Customers can easily make changes to their meal choices and also track the progress of their meals while they are being prepared. With this system in place, your wait staff will not have to walk back and forth between tables and the kitchen to communicate any changes in customer requests.

It offers a myriad of menu options.

One of the most wonderful benefits of an online ordering system is the extreme ease by which restaurateurs can update their offerings. No longer do you have to worry about reprinting handheld paper-based menus when your menu needs to be changed. You can update your online menu as often as you like. It’s easy to announce new specials, meal options, discounts, special events and seasonal offers. Simply log in to your account, make adjustments to your menu and update it in real time.

It accepts a wide range of payments.

In today’s world, consumers place a lot of importance on convenience. When it comes to paying for purchases, it’s practically vital for a business to accept a customer’s payment method of choice. An online order management system gives your customers the ability to pay with their credit cards. The checkout process is quick and seamless and does not require any interactions with wait staff.

It generates accurate business reports.

Keeping tabs of meals ordered and revenue is a vital part of every restaurant’s daily operation. With an online ordering system, this process is made so much easier. The technology gives your team the ability to monitor top-selling menu items and overall sales numbers. A custom order management system helps you to clarify both the profits and the losses your restaurant has incurred. As a result, you are put in a better position to make changes that will grow your eatery’s bottom line.

With accurate business reports, you reduce the time and energy often needed to generate the paperwork required to review your company’s success. Your order management software effectively works as an online cash register. All information is digitally captured and stored to improve bookkeeping accuracy. It makes generating reports feel a lot more effortless.

It reduces wait time.

One of the top pet peeves of any customer in any restaurant is waiting too long for food to come to the table. In many establishments, there are different stations set up for different menu items. Drinks, appetizers, desserts and main courses may come from four different locations in the kitchen. This requires harmony and synchronization amongst the members of your staff.

With an online ordering system, food orders are communicated much quicker and with vastly improved accuracy. It helps for improved table management and timely food delivery. Of course, this leads to greatly improved customer satisfaction.

It maintains safety measures.

At the beginning of the pandemic, moving to “contactless” solutions became a top priority. Tap payments, for example, became the new go-to payment solution in order to help consumers avoid touching POS machines. The idea was to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Today, the convenience is far too great to give up whether the benefit is pandemic-related or not. Your online order management system makes it so that customers can continue to enjoy a contactless solution for both ordering food and paying for it.

It encourages repeat business.

Happy customers are often returning customers. Naturally, making your customers happy is a top-of-the-list objective. With a custom order management system in place, your restaurant assures accurate orders, quick delivery and a seamless payment process. It helps for your customers to enjoy their experiences in your eatery, making them want to come back. Not to mention, an online ordering system makes life easy for your staff members. Your waiters, chefs and bartenders will have much easier times accepting orders and fulfilling them with ease and accuracy.

With Taliup’s revolutionary online ordering system for restaurants, you also enjoy the benefit of paying 0% commission. All the money your orders make stays in your business. As well, you get to use the service as an effective advertising source. Our comprehensive online ordering platform lets you easily connect to your social media channels. It enables anyone that interacts with your profiles to order directly from your page!

Our software gives you total control of your menu management. You can create a unified experience for your guests on every device you own. Add unlimited items to your inventory, make changes, attach photos to your options and promote specials with ease!

For more information about Taliup’s online ordering system for your restaurant, please don’t hesitate to call 1-888-760-8389 or contact us today!

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