You can never go wrong by providing excellent customer service. No business owner should consider it anything less than mandatory. In today’s business world, the ways in which customers feel about your brand count for everything. You can offer the greatest products and services in your industry. But if your customers don’t enjoy their interactions with your company, they will take their business elsewhere.

Good customer service will enable you to charge more.

Consumers will pay for quality. We’re not just talking about the durability of your products. A company that treats its customers with respect and courtesy is bound to get a loyal following. It can actually charge more for the products and services it offers, as a result. Why is this important? As Chris Joseph points out on, small businesses may not be able to afford to offer the low prices that corporate chain stores charge.

“One of the hidden benefits of good customer care is that by providing excellent customer service, you can offset the effect of your higher prices by offering a better customer experience,” he explains, “When your company has earned the reputation of providing high-end customer service, it gives you the leeway to charge more for your products and services because your buyers will pay a premium to feel valued and wanted.”

Good customer service promotes word of mouth promotion.

If you want people to speak positively about your business, you’ll need to ensure they have great experiences with it. It’s not enough to simply ensure that your offerings are of high quality. Each interaction with your brand serves as an opportunity to have the news spread about the business. Simply put, nothing beats word of mouth promotion. The best way to get your customers to tell others about your business is to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Ameritas offers up some statistics to prove our point. “About 97% of customers will tell others about very good or excellent customer service experiences,” reports their website, “Nearly 70% of people would spend more money with a company that has excellent customer service…Research shows that 59% of people would try a new company to receive better customer service.”

Good customer service gives you a leg up on your competition.

Beating out competitors is something on the top of many a business owner’s to-do lists. Think about it. What if the products and services you offer are pretty much the same as what your competitors offer? What sets you apart? It all comes down to customer service. This is especially true during our current pandemic-burdened times. Consumers need to feel that the companies they support understand their needs and will cater to their frustrations.

“In a time where customers often complain about the lack of service or the feeling that they mean little to a business, providing excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors,” says Joseph, “By emphasizing customer service in your marketing strategy and then backing it up, you’ll set yourself apart from companies that don’t deliver on their promises, creating a sense of uniqueness about your business.”

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