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Taliup is your nationwide POS service provider assisting your business in managing their sales with point of sale payment solutions. We specialize in point of sales hardware and software solutions.

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Payment Technology Development

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We pride ourselves with working directly with industry and market leaders in the area’s of financial technology, charitable organizations, advanced point of sale processing solutions. Dedicated teams working to develop leading edge technology to give your company or organization that competitive advantage you need to excel now and in the future.

Online POS Software

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At Taliup, we deliver POS wireless and E-commerce solutions for single store or multi-chain brands. Our point of sale software is customized to meet your specific needs as well as focused to enhance your day to day operations. Online software that is scalable and evolved as per your customers’ payment needs.

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Our Products

Countertop Terminals

We provide countertop terminals for retail stores and aim to ease the payment options by accepting both credit and debit cards.

Pay At The Table

Our pay at the table solutions are designed to perfectly blend with your restaurant or cafe needs and aims to prevent any discomfort.

Wireless Terminals

We offer portable wireless terminals enabled with WiFi and 3G support service to make necessary payments anytime and anywhere.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our online shopping and cart solutions are capable of accepting all sort of card details, whether you are using a master or debit card.

Mobile Payments

With fully configured MPOS solutions, we strive to provide adaptable and easy to pay options that suit all business and payment needs.

Poynt Terminals

With EMV ready & Wifi enabled Poynt terminals, customize your payment options and integrate it with the tools your business needs.

We Serve The Right Thing,
At The Right Time

At Taliup, we are committed to bring in more sales by having the right services in your store, at the right time. Our Point of Sale terminals tracks the efficient analytics for your best-selling items, in the most lucrative hours and more. We feature the right service by keeping the trend alive along with knowing what services are the most sought after in your store! Our unmatched product features include:

  • Premium & transparent processing
  • Multichannel payment solutions
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Industry verified global standards


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