Commission Free Dine-In & Online Ordering System

Complete Ordering System build just for Restaurants

Allow customers to order and pay from their device without downloading the app, Increase your sales and productivity with our restaurant online ordering system.

Restaurant Technology and Hardware

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Dine-InPick-UpMobile Ordering For Restaurants

Taliup allows you to offer customers a customizable and flexible way to place orders directly from their phones without having to download an app or open a website.

Taliup Menu

Online Ordering System integrated on your own restaurant website

Easy Website Integration

Taliup is a leading online ordering system for restaurants that helps your business grow by allowing your guests to order directly from your website

Taliup is an online ordering system with best-in-class technology for contactless table ordering, pickup, delivery & room service.

Taliup Express Platform

The Easiest Way

Restaurants will be placed in the Taliup express directory, which gives customers access to all restaurants on the platform.

Restaurants will be given a full e-commerce platform

There are multiple templates for restaurants to choose from providing them with customization options

Full eCommerce capabilities

Restaurants will be placed in the Taliup express directory, which gives customers access to all restaurants on the platform

Smart & Easy to use website builder

Taliup Payment Solutions

A New Way To Accept

Taliup is your nationwide POS service provider assisting your business in managing their sales with point of sale payment solutions. We specialize in POS hardware and software.

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Wifi Terminals

The payment solution is designed to meet the EMV security requirements with a single slot for both magstripe and chip cards.

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Fundraising Platform

Fundraising and donation solutions for charities and organizations looking for new ways to increase donations

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Contactless Dining Ordering

Continue servicing your customers during these challenging times. Once the QR is scanned the restaurant menu is opened on the customer’s device without having to download an app


Taliup Donation Platform

Accept Donations Anywhere, Anytime

Our next generation Kiosks terminals have been custom designed and engineered to meet your organizations needs and standards of quality. With a portrait (vertical) large (22") touch screen display, users feel well comfortable interacting with kiosk using an easy-to-use and professional kiosk interface

Turn-key donation program

Easy to use and user friendly large screen displays

Track donations using your dashboard

Track and manage donations & customer data