Gone are the days of relying on third party apps for online orders.

Convert website visitors into loyal customers and accept orders from your own branded website and mobile app with next-day deposit directly to your bank account.

The only online ordering system that puts your business first

0% commission, forever

No 30% commission, no jacked-up prices. All the money your orders make stays in your business.

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Turn your followers into customers

Taliup Express provides a comprehensive online ordering platform that easily connects to your social media channels and enables customers to order directly from your pages.

Increase sales with intuitive reporting

Take control of your businesses potential with valuable insights, analytics and performance metrics through your Taliup Express platform. Monitor sales over any time period, understand consumer purchase habits and optimize your inventory. 

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Total menu management

Create a unified experience for your guests on every device. Add unlimited items to your inventory, make changes, attach photos to your options, promote specials – you’re in control.

Multi-location platform

Support multiple locations and franchisees. Taliup Express will build out our platform to track as many locations as you need all from one dashboard.
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You’re just one step away from the most advanced online ordering system.

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