Contactless room service - an innovative hospitality solution

Meet your guests’ safety expectations, improve staff roles, increase your average revenue per room, provide full order transparency, and cultivate an experience to remember.

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How Contactless Room Service Works:

Contactless Order

Your guests simply scan the QR code placed in their room and order directly from their mobile phone.

Contactless Menu

Your guests can now order from your menu with their own handheld device, without downloading an app.

Contactless Payment

Your guests can review their order and make a secure payment from their mobile phone.

Streamline your hospitality service offering by going contactless

An efficient and safe guest experience

Guests can skip the calls for room service and simply scan a QR code using their personal smartphone to access the menu and place orders instantly. 

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Convenience, everywhere

Serve your guests further than the restaurant dining room. QR codes allow them to order from anywhere – in their room, at the bar, or even poolside.

Flexible and secure payment process

Your guests have the option to pay via credit card each time they place an order, or at the end of their stay at check out. 

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Full order transparency

Once an order is accepted, your kitchen staff will have the ability to provide specific updates – allergy alerts, changes to the order, ETAs – creating a direct and proactive experience with each guest.

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