These days, people go online for just about everything. Whether they want to watch videos, listen to music or just find out about the weather, the worldwide web is utilized by just about everyone every day. It only makes sense, of course, for your business to have a strong online presence.

In today’s world, content marketing is practically mandatory for any business. Content marketing, however, doesn’t just entail promoting your goods and services. It involves posting material that engages your audience. With the fall season now underway, we developed a list of compelling content to produce for your small business.

Helpful videos for the holidays.

With autumn comes many joyous annual occasions. First up to bat, in Canada, is Thanksgiving followed by Halloween at the end of October. Unquestionably, people will be flocking to the internet for everything from recipes, cooler weather fashion items, DIY home projects to costume ideas in the days and weeks to come. This is a great opportunity to add some engaging videos to your marketing mix.

Videos are a powerful tool that can highlight your brand in an easily accessible manner. The great thing about video marketing is there are so many resources available to produce quality content. With most of us already walking around with high-quality cameras in our pockets, the cost to produce a video is becoming more and more affordable. Creating short demos, tutorials, or tips and tricks as video content is a terrific way to showcase real world applications of your product or service.

According to Chris Christoff on, “you should…provide social media content that will help your audience solve their problems this season. Think about what difficulties your target audience might have this autumn and how your company can help them. For example, if you have a landscaping business, you can offer your audience tips on how to clean up fallen leaves in their yard and promote your services at the same time.”

Blog what you are thankful for.

As noted, Thanksgiving is right around the corner for Canadians. It’s a time for self-reflection and an even better time to post content that conveys gratitude. Blogs are a great content format to engage audiences and speak about topics that your audience finds interesting. Developing a consistent blog is an important part of any marketing strategy as it will help increase your authority in the field and enhance your SEO which will ultimately improve your search engine results.

As Canadians search for inspiration this Thanksgiving, make sure your blogs contain prominent keywords and insightful information to maximize your success. Don’t forget to mention your customers, colleagues and employees among the list of those you are thankful for this season. Hazel Butler, who is the Head of Marketing at U.K.’s Acrylic Digital suggests taking things a step further.

“Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and a way to say thank you for the surrounding community you have,” she writes, “It’s an easy way to connect with your international audience and really engage with them. A great way to do this is by…telling your audience what you’re thankful for this year, and asking what they’re grateful for. It’s an amazing way to boost engagement and join in with the Thanksgiving celebrations.”

Run a contest on social media.

People love brands that give back to their followers. Anyone that spends time on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel has probably seen or participated in a contest/giveaway. The advantages of a social media contest, when done properly, are twofold. Not only does the winning participant receive a prize but the company, or person, that put the contest together will see a slew of benefits.

Here are some benefits to running a social media contest:

  •  More followers
  • Increased engagement
  • Enhanced brand awareness

Before getting started, make sure to select the social media platform that provides you the best access to your audience. From there set clear goals, decide what the winner’s prize will be and determine the contest rules. Don’t forget, a well-planned contest can greatly improve brand perception and loyalty which will put your business on track for increased conversions.

Highlight your offering of direct online orders.

At Taliup Express, we’re excited to offer small businesses a fantastic new way to establish an online presence and allow their customers to place direct online orders. To learn all about our commission-free online ordering system, contact us today!

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