“Let’s order room service!”

These words are very often exclaimed by many a traveller who anticipates the comfy atmosphere provided by prestigious hotel chains. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? On most occasions, people who book hotel rooms look forward to being able to relax and unwind in their rooms. Room service is much beloved because it takes the pressure off of having to get up, get dressed and go looking for food.

Room service helps hotel guests feel extravagant and important as they eagerly anticipate their ordered meals directly to their rooms. How does one order room service? Well, depending on the hotel, the answer may be different. This is why it’s so important for your establishment to provide the easiest ways possible for your guests to order room service.

Create a comfortable atmosphere.

The more work you put into making your guests feel right at home, the more encouraged they will be to order room service. After all, who wants to leave elegant, clean and comfortable rooms if they don’t have to? When your suites are designed with luxury in mind, your guests will opt for staying in instead of dining out.

Remember that, for many travellers, hotel rooms aren’t just for sleep. Many will utilize their suites for the purposes of work. Others will simply want cozy, aesthetically pleasing locations to relax in. Offering this sense of comfort and extravagance will work wonders in boosting your room service orders.

Offer welcome presents to esteemed guests.

Ideally, you should consider each and every one of your hotel guests to be “esteemed”. It certainly pays dividends to make all of your guests feel that their presence in your establishment is valued. Certainly, offering exceptionally hospitable and kind customer service is one surefire way to make people feel welcomed.

Another great tactic is offering welcome gifts to those who have chosen to stay at your hotel. Fresh bowls of fruit, chocolates, flowers and bottles of wine are fine ideas. You can also ensure that each room is well stocked with toiletries, towels, robes and anything else to make your guests feel as comfortable as they would be if they were at home. Doing so will encourage them to stay in their suites and order from your hotel’s restaurant.

Be prepared to fulfill your guests’ requests.

There is nothing like expeditious customer service to please the average consumer. Members of the hotel industry are very well aware that people often forget to pack certain necessities before hitting the road. This is why it’s not at all uncommon for hotels to carry a wealth of toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, mouthwashes, floss, body lotions, body washes and soaps. Pillows, towels, robes, chairs, cribs and cots should also be on hand in abundance.

By meeting the needs and more importantly, solving the problems of your guests, you will significantly bolster your hotel’s reputation as a people-pleaser. Happy customers spend more money. Your room service orders will see a spike when your guests know that you have their best interests at heart and you’re willing to take care of them.

Offer nutritious eats.

People are more health-conscious than ever these days. You’d be hard pressed to find a food product that doesn’t incorporate nutritional content on its packaging. The same should go for your hotel restaurant’s online menu.

Take it a step further by showcasing more than just the calorie content and nutritional value of each menu item. Eloquently highlight the benefits of each meal. Describe the vitality and energy your vegetarian, vegan and reduced fat selections provide. By having a well written menu, you will pique the interest of travellers who wish to maintain their health and fitness goals.

Get meals to your guests quickly.

People don’t like waiting. In many cases, the reasons your guests will choose to order from your online menu is to save time. Ordering room service eliminates the need to shower, get dressed, get in the car and drive to a restaurant. Make it so that the room service your hotel provides is the type that helps your guests save a lot of time.

We live in a fast-paced world. By offering fast service, you will help for your hotel to stand out against other hotels and restaurants. As well, your speedy fulfillment of meal requests will help to generate repeat orders.

Place menus throughout the hotel.

Your suites shouldn’t be the only locations for your hotel restaurant’s menus. Guests should be able to easily discover all of the delicious eats your establishment has to offer anywhere they are on the premises. Bear in mind that by “menu”, we don’t necessarily mean the handheld, paper-based versions we’ve been used to for years. By placing QR codes at the front desk, in the elevators, in the lobby, by the pool and elsewhere, you can give your hotel’s guests easy access to your online menu.

At Taliup, we set our sights on how to help hotels increase room service revenue. Our Contactless Room Service solution includes setting you up with an online menu that can be accessed by a unique QR code. This innovative hospitality solution helps you to meet your guests’ safety expectations, improve staff roles, increase your average revenue per room, provide full order transparency and cultivate an experience to remember.

How does Taliup’s Contactless Room Service work?

It offers a super simple process that allows your hotel’s guests to both order and pay for their meals from an online menu. By displaying a QR code both in your hotel rooms and throughout the hotel, your guests can gain immediate access to your restaurant’s online menu.

Using their handheld devices, guests can order from the menu. They don’t even need to download your app. Finally, the service enables your guests to review their orders and make secure payments from their mobile phones. Ordering room service has never been so easy and convenient.

Learn all about the Taliup contactless payment and ordering system by contacting us today!

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