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The Effects Of Contactless Payment On Hospitality

Back in April of 2020, both Visa and Mastercard announced the raising of their respective tap limits from $100 to $250. It was just a month into the coronavirus pandemic and the world over was feverishly coming up with ways

How To Increase Room Service Revenue

“Let’s order room service!” These words are very often exclaimed by many a traveller who anticipates the comfy atmosphere provided by prestigious hotel chains. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? On most occasions, people who book hotel rooms look forward

How To Scare Up Sales in Restaurants This Fall

You know the fall season is in full swing when there are orange and black hues everywhere you look. With Halloween just around the corner, businesses of all kinds are utilizing the spooky celebration to market their brands. There is

Retailers: Increasing Their Average Order Value

As a retailer, the concept of growing your sales numbers likely enters your mind on a pretty frequent basis. You consider various ways to market and promote your goods, but remain mindful of not overspending. Naturally, one of the top

4 Tips to Improve E-Commerce Product Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And while we realize that this idiom is an age-old cliché, it doesn’t make it false. The photos you present on your company website can literally make or break the

How To Boost Sales On Online Ordering Platform

How To Boost Sales in Your Online Ordering Platform If your restaurant is fortunate enough to be taking advantage of Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system, you are undoubtedly enjoying a number of benefits. You’re offering your customers a fast

Benefits of Contactless Room Service

As the owner and/or manager of a hotel, you take on many major responsibilities on a daily basis. The act of ensuring an enjoyable stay by each and every one of your guests is a pressure that rests on your

Reinventing Restaurants: Contactless Dining

The pandemic has forced restaurateurs all over Canada to reinvent their businesses. For the better part of the past year and a half, restaurant owners have been obligated to transition their dine-in models to the takeout and delivery variety. For

Marketing Tactics For New Business App

Congratulations! You’re taking advantage of Taliup Express’ all-new commission-free online ordering system for your restaurant. As part of the many benefits you’ve gained by taking advantage of this lucrative innovation, you have a brand new app. This app now enables

How Taliup Express Platform Makes Life Easy
How The Taliup Express Platform Makes Life Easy

In our last blog, we highlighted some of the main benefits business owners receive when they utilize the Taliup Express platform. We highlighted how simple online ordering will be on your new app. Managing the statuses of your orders is

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