They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And while we realize that this idiom is an age-old cliché, it doesn’t make it false. The photos you present on your company website can literally make or break the perception of quality and credibility of your goods. Online shoppers put a lot of stock in the types of images they see. Needless to say, your website has a lot of competition. Therefore, it’s important to consider attracting your customers and improving their user experience with sharp, clear and vibrant product photos.

What can you do to ensure your site’s photos are top-notch? Here are four tips to improve your e-commerce product photography:

1. Use a high-resolution camera.

Make no mistake about it. A poor-quality photo is going to detract potential customers from exploring your online store. One of the most important steps you can take in ensuring your product photos are top-of-the-line is investing in a top-quality camera. Check out this list of high resolution cameras for some recommendations.

The sharpness of your images is of paramount importance. Today’s consumer is easily turned off by photos that are blurry, darkened or pixelated. Poor quality photos reflect negatively on your brand and could result in decreased consumer interest and fewer conversions from your site’s visitors. Attract your visitors with high quality images and they will stick around to learn more about your products.

2. Ensure the entire product is in the photo.

You want your customers to buy your products and/or menu items in full, right? Why post a photo that only shows half or three quarters of them? There’s no need to get too fancy. Unique artistic merit doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. Keep it simple. Make sure that each photo you post includes an image of the entire product. In many cases, it’s wise to post several photos of the product so that the sides, top and bottom can all be seen clearly.

“It’s highly likely that people you’re selling to have never physically seen your product, so it’s important to provide them with lots of different angles and a comprehensive description of the product,” writes Gary Carruthers on, “Adding a zoom option or close-up shots is also a great addition to your product photos.”

3. Insist upon adequate lighting.

Talk to any professional photographer and they will tell you that lighting is everything. Perhaps you have your product and/or menu item framed perfectly for a shot. But does the lighting cast distracting shadows? Is the room too dim for the subject to be seen clearly? Make sure that you are using either natural light or have adequate lights shining on your product and/or menu item before snapping your picture.

“Most products look much better when shown photographed in natural light, ideally a soft light that is evenly distributed across your product,” offers Carruthers.

4. Keep consistent sizing throughout your site.

So, on one of your product pages, you have a photo as big as stamp. On another page, the picture is the size of a deck of cards. This inconsistency will detract from the perception of quality of your products and end up communicating the wrong message to your site’s visitors. The browsing experience will be much improved and significantly more engaging by having photos that are all the same size. Putting forth a consistent depiction of your company’s offerings is a great way to establish trust with your visitors.

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