You know the fall season is in full swing when there are orange and black hues everywhere you look. With Halloween just around the corner, businesses of all kinds are utilizing the spooky celebration to market their brands. There is no reason your restaurant can’t get in on the action. Naturally, it’s the perfect time of year to utilize some “spooktacular” concepts to promote your eatery.

Of course, not all of your marketing tactics need to be Halloween-based. Let’s take a look at a few things you can you do to scare up sales in your restaurant this fall.

Introduce spooky food and drink specials.

It’s both fun and lucrative to get in on the spirit of the season. All throughout the month of October, consider “spookifying” your menu. As Dew Smith points out on, Halloween-themed food and drink specials are one of the most common ways bars and restaurants can celebrate this time of year.

He suggests changing up the names of your menu items to elicit more orders. For example, a regular margherita pizza can be turned “ghostly” with the right cheese shape. Offer it as “Ghost Pizza”!  

Develop a customer loyalty program.

There’s no business like repeat business. And, as we continue to trudge through this pandemic, it’s important to show your gratitude to those who support your restaurant. Offer your patrons the ability to enjoy special discounts and offers by introducing them to a loyalty program. According to, the most common type is to create a membership card that tracks each time a customer visits your restaurant.

“Offering free drinks and desserts is often a good choice because they’re less expensive than an entree, but they will still make your guests feel appreciated,” says the site, “You can set up a card that tracks points in your POS system or a punch card that gets a new hole each time the customer visits.”

Partner up with another local business.

This is a marketing technique that can be very beneficial at any time of the year. But, as we anticipate the usually-busiest quarter of the year, it’s wise to tag team with another business that isn’t a competitor. Can you offer up some promotional help in return for the same? Smith notes that partnering up with a local bakery for limited-time Halloween goodies is a great way to boost sales and make stronger connections in the local community.

“Plus, the partnership provides an opportunity for you to use each others’ network of followers on Instagram and Facebook to promote the ordeal,” he adds.

Create an exclusive takeout and delivery menu.

Keep in mind that not everyone is ready to have a dine-in experience in your restaurant. While restrictions are lifting nationwide, many hungry consumers continue to feel more comfortable eating at home. Cater to their needs by highlighting your exclusive takeout and delivery menu. It will both offer at-home eaters something special and make life easy for your kitchen staff.

“Create a separate menu for takeout and delivery only and make it a simplified version of your dine-in menu,” suggests, “Choose items that are easy to prepare and travel well. Avoid delicate items that could fall apart or melt during transit.”

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