How To Appeal To Customers As Food Prices Rise

The restaurant industry has faced never-before-seen challenges in the wake of the pandemic. Throughout the better part of the past two years, restaurant owners have had to completely change their business models. Ranging from offering only takeout and delivery to

How To Increase Revenue With Restaurant Analytics

Your restaurant is collecting data about its customers all the time. Restaurant analytics are attained each time a customer places an order and pays for a meal. In addition, every time your restaurant receives a review online, it helps to

Comment augmenter les revenus avec l’analyse des restaurants

Votre restaurant collecte en permanence des données sur ses clients. L’analyse des restaurants est réalisée chaque fois qu’un client passe une commande et paie un repas. De plus, chaque fois que votre restaurant reçoit un avis en ligne, cela aide

How To Scare Up Sales in Restaurants This Fall

You know the fall season is in full swing when there are orange and black hues everywhere you look. With Halloween just around the corner, businesses of all kinds are utilizing the spooky celebration to market their brands. There is

How Consumers Can Support Local Businesses

As you’re well aware, retailers and restaurants have been navigating a volatile market for quite some time now. The majority of these businesses have had to close their doors for months at a time. With small business owners being at

5 Fall Trends for Small Businesses

It’s official. The fall season is here! Wednesday, September 22 marks the first day of autumn in 2021. As a business owner, that means that new trends are afoot. Naturally, with the changing of the season (and the changing of

Creative Ways to Boost Online Menu Sales

In 2021, practically every hungry consumer takes to the internet to peruse through restaurant menus before making buying choices. As a savvy restaurant owner, you want more than just to have customers select your eatery. You’d like for them to

Reinventing Restaurants: Contactless Dining

The pandemic has forced restaurateurs all over Canada to reinvent their businesses. For the better part of the past year and a half, restaurant owners have been obligated to transition their dine-in models to the takeout and delivery variety. For

Marketing Tactics For New Business App

Congratulations! You’re taking advantage of Taliup Express’ all-new commission-free online ordering system for your restaurant. As part of the many benefits you’ve gained by taking advantage of this lucrative innovation, you have a brand new app. This app now enables

How Taliup Express Platform Makes Life Easy
How The Taliup Express Platform Makes Life Easy

In our last blog, we highlighted some of the main benefits business owners receive when they utilize the Taliup Express platform. We highlighted how simple online ordering will be on your new app. Managing the statuses of your orders is

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