As you’re well aware, retailers and restaurants have been navigating a volatile market for quite some time now. The majority of these businesses have had to close their doors for months at a time. With small business owners being at the heart of every community, their success depends on regular local patronage and neighborhood support.

Here are four ways consumers can support local retailers and restaurants:

1. Praise your favourite spots on social media.

It goes without saying that the Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters of the world are all the rage. Arguably, social media represents the top ways in which people from all over the globe communicate with each other. A great way to support local retailers and restaurants is to post about them and include relevant hashtags. According to Richard Trapunski of Toronto’s NOW Magazine, “support local” hashtags really help.

“Try things like #ShopLocalTO, #ShopLocalToronto and #SupportLocalTO,” he suggests, “It’s another way to ‘window shop.’ And if you have a favourite business in the city, don’t keep it to yourself. Follow, share and use the hashtags yourself.”

2. Write Google reviews.

Unquestionably, consumers trust the words of other consumers. Most people go online to read reviews of businesses before supporting those businesses themselves. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, a store or restaurant that has given you a wonderful experience deserves to receive some public praise. Writing a Google review can go a long way in sustaining a business.

As reports, “a 2019 survey by BrightLocal revealed that 91% of consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to use a business…Having positive reviews on Google helps small businesses stand out and boosts trust and credibility at a time when we’re shopping and booking online more than ever.”

3. Buy and share gift cards.

A gift card is arguably the best recommendation of a business you can give. It essentially says “shop/eat here!” Your gift card purchase not only supports the local business of your choice, but it insists upon its recipient to pay the business a visit.

“A gift card is a little cash infusion at a time when shops really need it,” Trapunski reminds us, “They make good presents too. Slip one in a holiday card, maybe even one made by a local artist.”

4. Order takeout.

Restaurants are opening their doors for dine-in experiences again. However, it never hurts to show them support in the event you can’t be seated. COVID-19 restrictions may limit the number of seats that can be occupied inside your favourite eatery. Don’t blame the business. Support it by ordering takeout.

“Canada’s restaurant industry is feeling the strain of the pandemic, and there are plenty of eateries to support from a distance in your city,” points out, “Do a quick Google search to discover what’s near you and place an order for takeout.”

As a business owner, you should know that Taliup Express can help make your takeout ordering process so much easier for your customers! We can set you up with both a website (if you don’t already have one) and an app. For restaurant owners, that means customers can order food directly from your kitchen! To learn all about our commission-free online ordering system, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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