Congratulations! You’re taking advantage of Taliup Express’ all-new commission-free online ordering system for your restaurant. As part of the many benefits you’ve gained by taking advantage of this lucrative innovation, you have a brand new app. This app now enables hungry customers to immediately locate your menu and place their orders with ease. But just having the app doesn’t automatically mean your sales will skyrocket. It’s imperative that you promote it!

Here are three marketing tactics to drive users to your new app:

1. Place a call to action in your blog posts.

Coming straight out of the “practice what we preach” column is our recommendation to utilize your blog page. Content marketing is a vital part of business growth in today’s world. As you can tell, we enjoy blogging! Blogs, however, are greatly strengthened by including calls to action by the end of each post. Be sure to alert your readers to the existence of your app in each of the blogs that appear on your website.

“When writing the blog post solely about the app, write a complete story about your app and let your target audience know the purpose behind it,” advises Ian Blair on, “Tell them how this app can facilitate and make things easy for them. Include your app links, screenshots and videos to help them get a good understanding.”

2. Post mouth-watering photos on Instagram.

The popularity of Instagram is undeniable. The monstrously-popular photo and video-sharing social media app is used by nearly one billion people worldwide. There is no denying that sharing photos and videos of your mouth-watering offerings will elicit some much-needed attention. Remember that, as always, your restaurant has many competitors. Outdo them by making eye-catching posts and be sure to interact with those who like and comment on them.

It’s also a good idea to link your online menu to your Instagram account. The bio section enables you to add a website. In addition to the great imagery you regularly add to your profile, this link will push your followers to download your app and stay connected with your restaurant.

“Because Instagram is a visual platform, it’s a great place for your restaurant,” insists, “Start sharing beautiful photos of your food. You can even include customer photos as long as you get their permission. And don’t forget photos and videos to highlight your staff, your menu, and even your chef. Consider a video with your chef talking about your dishes. Or you can showcase your restaurant with a virtual tour.”

3. Offer a discount code for using the app.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good discount? When you make it cost-effective for customers to order food from your restaurant via the app, sales will grow. Be sure to make clear via all of your marketing methods (social media especially) that customers can save money by ordering through the app. You may even wish to offer special rewards to people who refer others to it.

If you haven’t yet launched an online ordering platform for your restaurant, please don’t hesitate to contact Taliup Express today!

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