In 2021, practically every hungry consumer takes to the internet to peruse through restaurant menus before making buying choices. As a savvy restaurant owner, you want more than just to have customers select your eatery. You’d like for them to eat to their hearts’ content! What can you do to increase the order sizes of your customers? How can you upsell through your online menu?

Bundle menu items that are frequently ordered together.

We all know that French fries are classic accompaniments to hamburgers. But what other pairings can you suggest so that you can boost sales of your menu items? Consider the items that are often purchased together. Be sure to include a “Goes great with…” comment with each menu item description on your site. Your suggestions will go a long way in growing your sales and pleasing your customers.

Ideally, you should revamp your menu to include your new pairings. For example, recommend a wine to go along with the steak. Suggest ordering the tomato soup to accompany your grilled cheese sandwich. Designing your menu with cross-selling in mind is an excellent way to spike sales in your restaurant.

Highlight your most profitable items.

What menu items are the classic go-to choices for your customers? Give them all the attention they deserve! There’s nothing wrong with showcasing what brought you to the dance. Be sure to not only shine a spotlight on the dishes your restaurant is popular for, but also make recommendations based on those popular dishes. A great tip to get customers choosing your most popular and profitable items is to put them at the top of your menu so they are viewed first.

Allow for substitutions.

The last thing you want is for customers to change their minds about following through on purchases because they can’t get their orders just right. Everyone has different tastes. Make sure that your online menu caters to those tastes. Allow for customers to switch out fries for salads. Give them the freedom to modify the toppings of their burgers or pizzas. As Regaudie notes, substitutions can be an asset that will help you upsell.

“Do you have a salad that comes with chicken, but customers like to substitute salmon for an extra $4?” she asks, “If it’s added as an option on the item then you will notice a spike in the frequency it’s ordered.”

Compose mouth-watering menu item descriptions.

The old adage is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, it should go without saying that your online menu should be plastered with vivid photos of your delicious eats. However, there’s no reason to not add a few more words! Put effort into writing detailed descriptions of your menu items, highlighting flavours, textures and aromas. Explain what makes each dish special because hungry customers want to be swayed into ordering your delicious creations.

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