How To Boost Sales in Your Online Ordering Platform

If your restaurant is fortunate enough to be taking advantage of Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system, you are undoubtedly enjoying a number of benefits. You’re offering your customers a fast and simple way to order food for takeout, dine-in, or curbside pickup. You are reducing staffing expenses. As well, you’re increasing your ability to develop and grow your customer relationships instead of having a third party take all the customer service credit.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply have an online ordering platform for your restaurant. You must promote it in order to boost sales. So, what are the best ways to do just that?

Work with a zero-commission online ordering service provider. 

Before we get into how to boost sales, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that regardless of how you promote your new online ordering platform, you will be enjoying greater profits. Unlike many third-party delivery apps that encourage business owners to use their services and then charge baffling commission fees, your business pays 0% commission on all orders. Instead of paying any commissions, a flat fee is paid every month for your use of the service. This ensures that you are never penalized for your success. 

Many restaurant owners pay upwards of 30% commissions for other delivery service entities to pick up orders from their restaurants. With Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system, you receive 100% of your sales! Naturally, this makes your restaurant more profitable. 

Place a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

It’s not enough to just deliver delicious meals. Sumptuous treats are important, but if they don’t come with excellent customer experiences, your sales won’t grow. Remember that, with Taliup Express, you don’t prepare food and pay someone else (a third party) to get orders for you. With your own branded website and app, you are given the opportunity to receive orders directly from your platform and interact with your customers throughout the order cycle. The more accurate and friendly those interactions are, the better your chances are of having a sales boost.

“Customer satisfaction is an integral part of every business, and owners should realize the needs of their clients and provide solutions to answer their desires,” attests, “Transparency is key when maintaining customer satisfaction and using a reliable online ordering system can help you easily communicate with your customers about their order details and delivery times.” 

Launch a digital loyalty program.

There are few marketing strategies like loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. By rewarding your supporters, you not only endear them to your brand, you make them repeat customers. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a free meal? Launching a digital loyalty program will go a long way in having web users log on to your website for their belly-filling needs.

“A digital loyalty program that ties in with your online ordering is a great way to encourage repeat visits and customer loyalty,” agrees, “Once you have this in place, you want to share this everywhere you can: in your restaurant, on your website, in social media, through your website marketing, and your digital ads. Create loyal, brand ambassadors, and you’ll also boost online orders.”

Are you ready to launch an online ordering platform for your restaurant? Please don’t hesitate to contact Taliup Express today!

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