As the owner and/or manager of a hotel, you take on many major responsibilities on a daily basis. The act of ensuring an enjoyable stay by each and every one of your guests is a pressure that rests on your shoulders. Among the many benefits of staying at your hotel, room service is certainly one that is utilized regularly. Just how efficient is your current room service regimen?

With help from Taliup Express, the room service you offer your hotel’s guests can be a contactless experience! And just what are the benefits of contactless room service?

It takes guest health and safety into consideration.

It goes without saying that the past year and change has been tough on your industry. The pandemic brought travel to a near-standstill. With certain COVID-19 restrictions still in place, it’s wise to highlight the measures your hotel is taking to keep its guests safe. By offering contactless room service via an online ordering system, you limit guest interactions with high-touch materials such as physically-printed menus.

The majority of hotel guests rank enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices among their top priorities when considering a place to stay. This concern is likely to remain well into the future. Going forward, your contactless room service option is bound to be a highlight of staying at your hotel.

It increases efficiency.

Offering contactless room service eases the stress placed on your kitchen and wait staff. Instead of spending time taking orders and receiving payments for meals, they can simply prepare the meals and have them promptly delivered. No longer does anyone in your hotel have to take an order over the phone. Gone are the days when staff needed to punch in order details and receive payment information.

With your online ordering system, you save both your guests and your staff a lot of time and energy. In addition to the quickness of the placement of each order, you also ensure accuracy. “Broken telephone” is impossible when a guest uses your hotel’s online ordering system.  With it, you’ll guarantee that each order is prepared properly.

It boosts transaction sizes.

Research has shown that consumers will spend up to 30 percent more when they make purchases from their smartphones. We can’t say this is very surprising. E-commerce is all the rage these days. Without the physical toll that comes with having to visit and browse through a variety of stores, people can make as many purchases as they desire with the tapping of a few buttons. Thus, online shopping continues to grow in popularity every day.

Your hotel’s guests will be able to enjoy the very same convenience with your contactless room service option. Current trends strongly suggest that this easy access will result in larger bills.

Your guests will absolutely love the contactless room service option you provide them via Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system! It saves them the hassle of calling down to reception and asking an array of questions. They don’t even need to download an app. With their mobile devices, your guests can simply scan the QR code you leave in their rooms and place their orders.

To get your hotel started with contactless room service contact Taliup Express today!

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