Before we can discuss why your small business should start marketing on day one, it’s important for us to clarify when “day one” actually takes place. It’s certainly not opening day. No, the first day of your business can more accurately be described as the day you register your company as an official entity. After all, generating a buzz about your business before opening day will be the key to welcoming new customers!

Why is it important to start marketing your business before opening day?

Many business owners neglect marketing efforts before their companies open. Mailchimp teamed up with Hall & Partners and together, they surveyed 505 entrepreneurs about their experiences with starting their businesses. According to the Mailchimp report, 64% of pre-launch businesses had not yet acquired their first customers while 28% of post-launch businesses had not yet acquired their first customers.

“Entrepreneurs recognize the importance of developing a customer pipeline, but don’t always focus on the steps that could help them get their first customer faster,” states the report. Mailchimp goes on to advise entrepreneurs to talk to their potential customers before opening their doors: “Use surveys, interviews or focus groups to help you understand who your customers are, what type of messaging resonates with them and how much they’re willing to spend.”

Marketing grows a company’s reputation.

Advertising helps develop a consistent brand presence and create the perception of a reputable business. Naturally, consumers pay attention to companies that have well-established marketing campaigns. To garner any attention, a clever marketing strategy is needed. As Hassan Mansoor notes on, marketing is a tool used to create and maintain demand, relevance, and reputation.

“Your business’s reputation is built when it effectively meets the expectations of its customers,” he writes, “Such a business is considered a responsible member of the community. The customers become proud to be associated with your products. Marketers use effective communication, branding, PR and CSR strategies to ensure that a business’s reputation is maintained.”

Marketing grows customer relationships.

Today’s business owners understand that consumers place a lot of emphasis on the relationships they develop with the companies they support. With so much competition out there, your products and services won’t necessarily secure you the loyalty you covet, regardless of quality. Marketing efforts that are based on demographics, psychographics and consumer behaviour help to establish trust between businesses and their customers, says Mansoor.

“Segmentation helps the business meet the needs of its customers hence gaining their trust,” he affirms, “The product team ensures the business delivers what’s promised at the right time. This makes the customers brand loyal. Loyal customers will have the confidence to buy more products from you. The trust and understanding between the business and its customers make your commercial activities more fruitful.”

At Taliup Express, we highly recommend that entrepreneurs market their businesses. When you work with Taliup’s online ordering system you will get access to all of your customer data and sales analytics to assist you in developing marketing strategies. To learn all about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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