E-commerce businesses, from all over Canada, have enjoyed significant spikes in online sales over the past couple of years. The extreme convenience that comes with making purchases from the comforts of home is one that consumers everywhere relish.

In 2022, online sales are going to be more important than ever and a major priority for business owners. Establishing an online business requires using the right digital technology. Running an online business requires particular skills that will help it to grow. Here are four:

1. Know your audience.

It is important to understand customer behaviour and preferences. A great way to learn who your customers are is to create buyer personas. This is the act of identifying the type of consumers to target when developing a marketing strategy. Tips to help identify a target audience include asking certain questions. For example, “What type of customer benefits from your products and services?” and “What makes your business unique?”

It’s important to examine the answers to the above questions. Once an understanding is gained about the type of customer that benefits most from what your company offers, marketers can begin to target similar groups. Use social media as well. Arguably, there’s no quicker and easier way to communicate marketing messages with the world.

2. Engage your audience with content marketing.

In today’s world, a content marketing strategy can help captivate, excite and inspire a company’s target audience. Unlike traditional advertising, new content on a website showcases the brand’s personality. It also adds value to the company in the minds of its target audience. This is because content marketing serves as important information that can help consumers without forcing a sales pitch down their throats.

Content marketing exists in a variety of ways. Most notably, regularly-posted blogs help to convey various pieces of advice, information and general thoughts that today’s online users find valuable. Blogs are known to attract leads, gain followers, and optimize search engine rank. Content marketing also exists via social media and email newsletters.

Social media offers both consistency and engagement. Both are key factors in encouraging followers to become customers. Email marketing allows business owners to tailor their messages towards converting prospective customers and/or building loyalty with existing customers.

3. Develop an inviting website.

Attention spans are short. You have approximately five seconds to catch someone’s attention. This is why a captivating and professional website design is so crucial. In order for it to garner traffic and engagement, a company website must be responsive and display well on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Having a strong website builds trust and shows credibility. Many consumers look to a company’s website before making a purchase.

A website allows a business to post updates and announcements all around the clock. It effectively enables a company to stay open 24/7. As well, it helps consumers to find information about the business without needing to contact the business directly. Business owners looking to get their business online should look for an e-commerce platform that provides a customizable website template and mobile app so they can easily customize the layout to match their brands.

4. Provide excellent customer service.

By offering incomparable customer service, a company will generate more sales, build customer loyalty, garner referrals and secure positive reviews. Not to mention, happy employees will bring happy customers. Showing appreciation and recognition to help motivate employees will inspire them to provide quality service on a regular basis.

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