In exactly three weeks, Black Friday will be here! Much beloved for the incredible savings it offers, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Nevertheless, as a business owner, it’s wise to not simply assume that business will easily pick up this November 26. There are many competitors vying for the attention of your target audience. As a result, you’ll need to put in some dedicated efforts into marketing your store this month.

Here are four creative Black Friday marketing ideas:

1. Create an online holiday gift guide.

Believe it or not, many holiday shoppers aren’t even sure what they’re shopping for. They do know, however, that they want to save money in the process of doing their holiday shopping. Does your store offer the perfect holiday gifts? Convince consumers to answer in the positive by creating an online holiday gift guide. Plaster links to it all over your social media accounts. It will help to give consumers the confidence that your store has what they’re looking for.

“If you have an online store, you can easily create a product tag and then add that tag to the products that you want to feature in that collection,” says Nomiscom WebDesign founder, Simon Sebjanic, “This will automatically populate that collection and you have your own gift guide. You can also create a guide by writing a post that will feature a list of products that you recommend for someone to gift them to their significant other.”

2. Unveil a new product for the big day.

Exclusivity often plays well in the world of retail. When a product can “only” be purchased on a certain day, it helps to build intrigue for that product. Advertise your Black Friday sale as the debut of your new product.  People love new and fresh things, right? Advertising your new offering will help to encourage previous customers to return and new ones to check you out. notes that there are two major ways to unveil a new product.

“First, you can add it a few days before the big day,” the website suggests, “Who knows, this may even lead to more sales before Black Friday proper. The second way is to add the product on Black Friday. A countdown timer can help make things more exciting as well. This product may be something that you decide will only be available on Black Friday. That creates a sense of urgency, which leads to action.”

3. Let customers spin the wheel!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game? A clever way to promote your store’s Black Friday sale is to offer exclusive additional discounts through a game on your website. Sebjanic offers this suggestion as a way to build up your email list and increase your sales.

“Put up a pop–up with a wheel of fortune on your site and collect emails while you send out coupons that can be used throughout the weekend and on Cyber Monday,” he recommends.

4. Offer Black Friday savings on purchases made online.

All of your online marketing efforts should include links that guide potential customers to your online store. It’s also wise to highlight everywhere you’re communicating your Black Friday deals that they can also be taken advantage of on your website. With help from Taliup Express, you can get all set up with your own e-commerce platform! Contact us today to learn all about our commission-free system!

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