Why Does Your Restaurant Need Online Ordering Software?

Gone are the days when pizza was the automatic go-to food choice for home delivery. Today, people can order just about anything they wish to eat right to their doorsteps. Especially with a safety conscious public, it is extremely important

The Importance of Responsive Online Menus

In today’s world, hungry consumers are well aware that they don’t have to move a muscle to order the meals they want. With some simple taps of their smartphone screens, people can locate food items of their choice, order them,

How Are Hotel Restaurants Using Technology?

The modern day hotel stay is not the same experience of old. These days, a person doesn’t even have to call on the phone to make a reservation. Today, a hotel room can be booked online and the checking-in/checking-out routine

The Advantages of Custom Order Management Systems in Restaurants

We are no longer living in a world where all restaurant orders are communicated verbally by customers and handwritten by waiters. Modern technology has afforded us the ability to make the ordering of our meals a much easier and seamless

How To Successfully Implement A Restaurant Online Ordering System

In today’s quasi-post-pandemic world, the dining experience has gone digital. This isn’t to say, of course, that people don’t enjoy eating meals at restaurants. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With restrictions having been lifted, hungry consumers are looking to

The Effects Of Contactless Payment On Hospitality

Back in April of 2020, both Visa and Mastercard announced the raising of their respective tap limits from $100 to $250. It was just a month into the coronavirus pandemic and the world over was feverishly coming up with ways

How To Increase Room Service Revenue

“Let’s order room service!” These words are very often exclaimed by many a traveller who anticipates the comfy atmosphere provided by prestigious hotel chains. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? On most occasions, people who book hotel rooms look forward

Inventory Management For Small Businesses

Every business that offers products to consumers must stock up on inventory. Inventory is defined by the goods and materials that a business has on hand for the purpose of selling them to customers for profit. A successful business is

Skills Business Owners Need To Grow Online Sales

E-commerce businesses, from all over Canada, have enjoyed significant spikes in online sales over the past couple of years. The extreme convenience that comes with making purchases from the comforts of home is one that consumers everywhere relish. In 2022,

How To Appeal To Customers As Food Prices Rise

The restaurant industry has faced never-before-seen challenges in the wake of the pandemic. Throughout the better part of the past two years, restaurant owners have had to completely change their business models. Ranging from offering only takeout and delivery to

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