Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok – the list of social media platforms seemingly continues to grow with no end in sight. Millions of people from all over the world use their favourite social media accounts every single day. Whether it is to communicate their views, share photos and videos or interact with others, people keep their accounts very busy.

As a business owner, it’s vital to use social media to not just promote your products and services – but to sell them. Let’s discuss how!

How to sell on Twitter.

Don’t assume that Twitter is simply a social media platform used to communicate short-form thoughts. While Twitter’s current character limit is 280, the platform gives you a number of ways to make money. Twitter allows you to both promote your own tweets and run Twitter Ads. Promoting your tweets involves selecting your posts to appear in Twitter streams and Twitter search results of specific users. Within your tweets, you can include direct links to product pages on your company website.

Twitter Ads let you use multiple tweets to create campaigns. They help to increase your followers; boost website clicks or conversions and collect emails from Twitter users who express interest in your brand. It’s important to not just use Twitter for posting links to your site. Twitter users enjoy engagement. Therefore, it’s a good platform for responding to any customer questions or complaints.

How to sell on Instagram.

Although it needs to no introduction, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform. It boasts about a billion monthly users. The social media giant is widely used by businesses of all sizes to market their offerings. Instagram allows for users to set up business profiles. This is the first step to using the platform to promote your brand. With a business profile, you are given the ability to track how many new followers your profile gets every week.

You are also provided with detailed demographics about those followers. They include location, age and gender. Perhaps Instagram’s greatest highlight for business owners is Instagram Shopping. It lets you share your featured products through organic posts and stories. When a user taps on the products in your stories, they can be taken to product description pages. There, they will see product images, descriptions and costs. They will also see links that take them directly to your company website where purchases can be made.

How to sell on Facebook.

Facebook boasts over two and a half billion monthly users. Not only does that give business owners a massive audience to work with, the platform also provides a customizable online shop. Facebook Shops gives your business a virtual storefront. It can be designed to mimic your company website so it doesn’t appear as a traditional Facebook page. As a result, Facebook users don’t necessarily have to be directed to your official site.

Facebook also has a feature known as Facebook Marketplace. Similar to Craiglist or Kijiji, this is a good option if you’re looking sell a few select items. To get started, simply visit Facebook Marketplace and hit the “+ Sell Something” button in the left sidebar. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’re on your way to making sales!

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