If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that people are really resilient. The last 16 months or so have been trying for all of us. In the hospitality world, restaurant owners have been hit particularly hard. Having to close their doors completely for several stretches at a time, many restaurateurs throughout the country thought that the ends of their businesses were near. So many, however, have persevered. A significant increase in online orders has helped them with that.

Taliup Express is excited to offer restaurant owners a completely commission-free online ordering system! With our incredible system your business can start taking advantage of a new revenue stream directly from your website that includes takeout, curbside pickup and even dine-in options. So, what do you need to get all set up?

Here are three top tips to prepare your restaurant for an online ordering system:

  1. Create an exclusive online menu.

Depending on your restaurant, there may be some menu items that aren’t particularly conducive to the world of online food ordering. Frozen desserts, for example, might be better suited for your dine-in guests. Naturally, you don’t want to deliver melted or soggy food to your customers. Consider a strategic approach when creating your online menu so that the quality of your food is represented every time for those who place takeout orders.

Bear in mind the distances between your restaurant and the locations of the individuals placing their orders. Will lengthy transits impact the quality of your food? It’s important to optimize your food packaging in order to get food to customers the same way they would receive it in your restaurant. That way, you create a unified experience for customers whether they are dining in your restaurant or at home. Nevertheless, it’s wise to have different online order and dine-in menus so that you can always assure the satisfaction of your customers.

  1. Decide upon the services you would like to offer.

As mentioned, Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system for restaurants enables you to offer customers takeout, curbside pickup and dine-in options. But it’s important to determine the immediate needs of the customer base in your area. 

Of course, COVID-19 protocols continue to inhibit many restaurant owners from offering dine-in experiences. If you have a patio space, however, you can certainly use our dine-in QR codes all summer long. Customers will be able to tap scan a smart QR code with their handheld devices, order food and beverages, and pay when they are done. Many eateries across the country are relying on patio dining as a selling point in the months to come. With that said, you also have the option to cater your online ordering platform to takeout and pick-up options until restrictions are lifted in your area.

  1. Develop an intriguing marketing strategy.

What is an online ordering system without telling people all about it? It’s vital that you spend time coming up with a smart advertising strategy for your restaurant’s exciting new innovation. People love food. Delicious eats will never go out of style. But they need to know that it’s both available from your restaurant and very easy to access.

Be sure to utilize your social media accounts when considering your next marketing campaign. Include links to your restaurant’s website and mobile app. This will communicate that ordering direct from your establishment is easier than ever. Be sure to put an “Order Online” button on your site’s homepage as well as on your social media pages. As well, consider offering discounts to customers on their first-time orders to encourage clicks of those buttons!

Are you ready to launch an online ordering system for your restaurant? Please don’t hesitate to contact Taliup Express today!

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