It’s a new and exciting world for your industry, isn’t it? As an experienced restaurant owner, you undoubtedly recall the not-so-distant days when all menus were physically printed and handheld. In today’s world, mobile devices have taken over as the “how to do just about anything” objects of choice. But that’s a good thing! Not only does it save your business on printing costs for menus, it provides your customers with an amazing, and safe, convenience.

With Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering system, you enable your customers to easily scan your QR codes to place their orders directly with your kitchen. We understand, of course, that this entire concept is fairly new. So, allow us to help you with getting your restaurant all set up to take contactless orders and receive contactless payments.

Create a digital menu.

Naturally, you’ll want to design a menu that is very mobile-friendly. Whether a customer uses a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the design of your menu should be eye-catching and easy to read. Ensure that it includes highly visible sections. They will help hungry consumers to easily locate main courses, appetizers, vegetarian/vegan options, desserts and more.

You can also set up several different menus so that breakfast, lunch, dinner and even “Happy Hour” are covered. Your digital menus can be timed to appear at specific points in the day. That way, there will be no confusion about which menu items are available at any given time.

Connect your kitchen.

So, you have your customers all set up with your digital menu. That takes care of their ordering needs. But how does your kitchen crew receive their orders? One option is to set up a tablet in the kitchen that connects your team to the internet. On this screen, your kitchen staff will be able to receive the orders that are placed on the mobile devices used by your customers. Setting up a display in your kitchen enables a very seamless process of receiving orders and fulfilling them correctly.

Another option is to make sure you have ample printers available so orders can be printed off for the line, wait staff and delivery drivers. There should always be a member of your staff on hand who ensures that any special instructions for the orders are followed. Noting allergies and dietary restrictions of your customers is of vital importance.

Make clear your payment options.

With your new online ordering system, both the orders and payments are completed in a digital fashion. This all-in-one POS solution ensures you are ready to accept all types of credit card payments. Whether your customers are dining in, picking something up or have placed an order for take out, they are now in full control of their payments to your establishment. In the event your guests would prefer to pay by cash or debit, it’s important to have someone available to handle these forms of payment.

To get all set up with your own commission-free online ordering system contact Taliup Express today!

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