Are you ready to try something new? With Taliup Express’ commission-free online ordering platform, you are in full control of your online orders. Our paytech solution will enable your customers to order directly from your restaurant and avoid the middle man – third party delivery apps. In addition, an app created specifically for your restaurant will be designed to make online ordering easier than ever!  

Online ordering made simple.

The Taliup Express platform integrates into any existing website. Your menu is made readily available for all of your website’s visitors. But what if your restaurant doesn’t already have a website? That’s no problem at all! Our team will happily build your restaurant its own exclusive website and branded app.

Once your site and app have been designed, you will receive access to the very responsive and easy-to-use Taliup Express dashboard where you will have total control over your platforms. Once customers start placing orders from you directly you will see all new orders in the “Today’s Orders” section of your dashboard. You will get a ringing notification on your tablet when an order is placed and from there you can decide to accept or reject it.

The statuses of your orders can easily be updated.

For each order, you can set an ETA update which is instantly sent to your customer who placed the order. Once the order is ready to be picked up, you will be able to update the order status to “Ready”. This update is also immediately communicated to your customer. Through this direct line of communication, the entire ordering process becomes quick, easy and efficient.

Once an order has been picked up, it will be transferred to the “Past Orders” section of the dashboard. This section provides you with a record of every order that has gone through the system. This easy-to-access information can be very useful in the event you receive any comments or complaints from customers about your orders.

You can choose from an impressive list of website templates.

The style and design of your branded website and mobile app is totally up to you. Taliup Express offers a wide variety of high-end templates to choose from. Naturally, we can take the reins and ensure that your site is in keeping with your brand’s font, logo and colour schemes. However, you will be offered a hands-on opportunity to design both your site and app to your liking. Once our team has completed your branded mobile app, it will be made available in both the Google Play and App Store.

Are you ready to let Taliup Express provide your restaurant with the tools it needs to take online orders directly from your personalized website or mobile app? To be set up with our commission-free online ordering system, book a demo with Taliup Express today!

Be sure to check back for our next blog for more information about how the Taliup Express platform makes life easy!

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